Exness Compensation Fund

The Exness Compensation Fund is a financial safeguard established to provide protection to clients who are members of Exness in cases where a dispute resolution is needed. It is a part of Exness’ membership with the Financial Commission, an independent international organization focused on resolving disputes within the financial services industry. The fund acts as an insurance policy to cover client claims up to €20,000 per client if Exness fails to comply with a Financial Commission judgment. This fund is maintained through a portion of monthly membership fees and is held in a separate bank account to ensure fair and efficient compensation while promoting trader security and confidence.

Operation of the Compensation Fund

The operation of the Exness Compensation Fund is designed to ensure fairness, transparency, and financial security for clients. Here’s how it works:

  1. Insurance Policy Mechanism:
    • The Compensation Fund acts as an insurance policy for clients of Exness, providing financial protection up to €20,000 per client.
    • It operates as a last resort when Exness does not comply with a ruling made by the Financial Commission.
  2. Separate Bank Account:
    • The fund is maintained in a separate bank account to ensure the integrity of its financial resources and safeguard its intended purpose.
  3. Funding and Allocation:
    • The fund is financed through monthly membership dues paid by Exness to the Financial Commission, with 10% of these dues allocated directly to the Compensation Fund.
  4. Conditions for Use:
    • The fund only applies in cases where the Financial Commission has issued a ruling against Exness and the broker has not adhered to the judgment.
    • It covers only specific situations involving financial disputes and does not cover general trading losses or the insolvency of Exness.
  5. Resolution and Distribution:
    • If a client is entitled to compensation, the Financial Commission will process the claim, ensuring quick, fair, and transparent resolution.
    • Funds are disbursed to clients after thorough verification by the Commission, ensuring that the fund is used appropriately.

Financing the Compensation Fund

The Exness Compensation Fund is financed through a portion of the monthly membership fees that Exness pays to the Financial Commission. Here’s a breakdown of the funding process:

  1. Monthly Dues Contribution:
    • Exness contributes 10% of its monthly membership fees to the Financial Commission specifically for the Compensation Fund.
  2. Dedicated Allocation:
    • This portion of the dues is set aside in a separate bank account controlled by the Financial Commission.
    • The segregation ensures that the Compensation Fund remains available exclusively for resolving disputes.
  3. Fund Management:
    • The Financial Commission manages and monitors the fund to ensure its availability for eligible claims.
    • Proper fund management helps maintain the financial health and integrity of the Compensation Fund.
  4. Sustained Funding:
    • The consistent allocation of membership dues ensures that the fund remains well-financed and capable of handling potential claims, offering security and peace of mind to Exness clients.

Coverage Scope and Limitations

The Exness Compensation Fund offers specific coverage for clients involved in disputes settled by the Financial Commission. Here’s an overview of the scope and limitations of this coverage:

Coverage Scope:

  • Maximum Payout Per Client: The fund covers eligible claims up to a maximum of €20,000 per client.
  • Judgment Requirement: The fund is accessible only when the Financial Commission has made a ruling in favor of a client against Exness, and the broker has not complied with the decision.
  • Compensation for Financial Losses: It is designed to compensate clients for financial losses incurred due to issues directly involving Exness’ actions or inactions that are deemed unfair by the Financial Commission.


  • Trading Losses Excluded: The fund does not cover general trading losses that clients may incur during self-directed trading activities.
  • Broker Insolvency: In the event of a broker’s insolvency, the fund does not cover the entire client base but only applies to specific rulings issued by the Financial Commission.
  • Eligibility and Verification: Clients must meet eligibility criteria, and their claims are thoroughly verified by the Financial Commission before a payout can be issued.

Benefits of the Compensation Fund for Clients

The Exness Compensation Fund provides several benefits to clients, reinforcing trust and security in the broker’s services. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Enhanced Security:
    • Clients have the assurance that their disputes with Exness will be resolved fairly and quickly, with financial protection up to €20,000 per client if the broker does not comply with a Financial Commission ruling.
  2. Impartial Dispute Resolution:
    • The Financial Commission acts as an independent, neutral third party to review and resolve disputes between clients and brokers.
    • Clients receive an unbiased, transparent resolution process that ensures their concerns are addressed objectively.
  3. Financial Assurance:
    • The Compensation Fund acts as a safety net, providing clients with confidence that eligible financial claims will be honored.
    • This helps protect clients from potentially significant financial losses.
  4. Trust Building:
    • The existence of the fund demonstrates Exness’ commitment to fair and ethical trading practices.
    • Clients can trust Exness as a reliable broker, knowing that a trusted body oversees dispute resolution.
  5. Efficient and Timely Resolutions:
    • The Financial Commission aims for quick resolution, avoiding prolonged legal proceedings and regulatory delays.
    • Clients can resolve their issues faster than through traditional channels, minimizing disruption to their trading activities.
  6. Increased Client Confidence:
    • The Compensation Fund enhances client confidence, helping them feel secure and motivated to continue trading with Exness.
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